CopterSystems Phase One Carrier

ortho picture, captured with the UAV

1mm ground resolution

captured with "CS-P.O.C." & iXU1000

high quality images for photogrammetry tasks



CopterSystems Phase One Carrier


Our newest UAV, the „CS-P.O.C.“ was specially developed for a camera system by PhaseOne.


With this highest quality system you can get results comparable to manned photogrammetry systems.


In addition to a professional working tool, famous flight characteristics in combination with a famous camera system do guarantee best results. If you are a professional, this is the professionell UAV for your photogrammetry applications.


build in cooperation with

PhaseOne Industrial

  • Dimension: 123cm (motor hub to motor hub)
  • TOW (take off weight): 8,0 kg
  • MTOW (maximum take off weight): 12,0kg
  • Flight time: up to 45minutes (depending on payload/battery/wind)
  • Flight time with PhaseOne iXU150 camera: more than 20minutes
  • Flight range: up to 5km
  • wind susceptibility: up to 12m/s
  • operating speed: up to 18 m/s
  • operating speed in GPS-mode: adjustable between 5m/s up to 10m/s
  • manual
  • altitude hold
  • GPS- and Waypoint
  • point of interest function
  • RTL (return to launch)
  • care free function
  • follow me function
  • Phase One iXU150
  • Phase One iXU1000
  • Creation of 3D models
  • Volume calculation
  • Mass calculation
  • ortho-photos with highest ground resolution
  • High quality inspections