Our UAVs stand for best product quality and are designed and constructed in accordance with the latest design standards and most stringent safety requirements. Our UAVs are characterized by low operating costs, easy upgradability, and simple handling. Commercial users in public services and the industrial segment can depend on the absolute reliability of our products.

Success through Specialization

In the years since its founding, CopterSystems GmbH has been able to establish itself as a prominent market player through its consistent specialization on professional, non-military UAV solutions for concrete scenarios in the areas of public safety/security, aerial surveying/photogrammetry, SAR, and industrial inspection.

Robust Data Communication is the Key to a Successful Mission

Stable control and communication links between our flight systems and ground control station ensure successful missions. Encrypted transmission of the control, telemetry and image data as well as the safe transport in proven protective cases complement our systems.

We Always Have One Thing in Common – the Solution to your Problem

Thanks to a multitude of freely configurable and highly adaptable systems, our high-performance UAVs offer a unique modular concept that completely fulfills the expectations of precision results and information retrieval demanded by users in the field.