Since its founding in 2012, CopterSystems GmbH stands for the development and construction of innovative and reliable unmanned aerial vehicles (UAS) for groundbreaking B2B applications. Within the industry, the company already enjoys an excellent reputation, as one of the leading manufacturers of multicopters and a global expert for the solution of problems in the industrial and public services segments.

Success through Specialization

In the years since its founding, CopterSystems GmbH has been able to establish itself as a prominent market player through its consistent specialization on professional, non-military UAV solutions for concrete scenarios in the areas of public safety/security, aerial surveying/photogrammetry, SAR, and industrial inspection.

Systems Made in Germany

Innovative powers and professional expertise combine with an authentic passion for the UAV segment to guarantee continuous advancement and the construction of systems at the cutting edge of available technologies – made in Germany.

Our Team

In particular, our team has one thing in common: the fascination for outstanding UAV solutions

With know-how and dedication, the ambitious team of aerospace and electrical engineers, software developers and experts from the moldmaking industry ensures top quality at the highest technical level. Precision and delivery reliability come first. That is why a sophisticated quality management system ensures the quality of the customers throughout the entire value chain.

Our Services

Whatever you need, we deliver. We provide professional support and accompany you throughout the course of your project – from initial consultation to the actual flight and the provision of interpreted data.

Advisory Services
We are available at all times to ensure the successful implementation of your required workflow with services from initial consultation to complete project management. We work closely with you on the realization of the solution to your problem under consideration of your specific needs – in person, in depth, and with target-oriented approaches.

To ensure proper handling and use of our UAVs, our customers will be intensively trained for the specific requirements of their particular system including the associated sensor technology. The training will be given in theory and practice and includes all flight-related subject areas such as meteorology, navigation, principles of flight etc.

We determine the most cost- and time efficient deployment option of our UAVs on the basis of your specific problem and offer you a target-oriented approach to its solution within the shortest possible time.

Flight Service
Our UAVs systematically survey your target area according to a predetermined flight plan. Highly trained and certified pilots within our network of partners and clients monitor the flight or manually control both the flight and data acquisition.

Post Processing
We employ special software from leading manufacturers to process the captured data and generate the products you need. We are always at your side to provide support and advice on the post processing, further utilization, and analysis of the documented data.

In order to guarantee high standards, troublefree functionality and only successful missions the continuous maintenance and extension of our systems has become an integral element of the CopterSystems quality strategy.