Technical specifications

Dimension: 86,0 x 72,0 x 44,0 cm
Case dimension: 121,9 x 88,9 x 66,0 cm
Flight time:

Gas-Engine: up to 120 minutes (mit PhaseOne iXM-100)1
LiPo: about 30 minutes (with PhaseOne iXM-100)2

Standard-Speed 5 m/s
max. ascend speed 3 m/s
max. descend speed 1 m/s
Schutzart Schutzart IP43
Payload PhaseOne iXM-100 oder LiDAR-Sensorik
Max. Payload Dual-Sensorik aus „PhaseOne iXM & LiDAR“

frequency range remote

2,4 GHz or 5,8 GHz 3
frequency range “HD-Video” 2,4 GHz or 5,8 GHz 3
remote range > 1.250 m 4
bis zu 200 Km (LOS) 4
Encryption 128bit oder 256bit 4
Empty weight < 5.300 g
max. Abfluggewicht (MTOW) 22.500 g
max. Starthöhe 2.500m ü. NN. (WGS84)
Direct Georeferencing – IMU APX-15 EI oder APX-20 4

1 abhängig von verschiedenen Bedingungen wie Wind, Payload, Batterien, Flughöhe über Meeresspiegel, etc.
2 Standardeinstellung
3 erfolgt in Absprache mit dem Endkunden
4 Sonderausstattung, erfordert Zusatzkomponenten



UAV “CS-8MM”. Your professional tool for your tasks.

iXM-100 / iXM-50 (PhaseOne Industrial)

high resolution camera to capture finest details


integrated LiDAR from Riegl, like miniVUX­-1UAV or VUX-1 UAV

Direct Georeferencing: Applanix APX-20 UAV

Compact single-board module

Transport Case

rugged case for safe transport


To ensure proper handling and use of our UAVs, our customers will be intensively trained for the specific requirements of their particular system including the associated sensor technology


professionell and proven remote with integrated “Panasonic Toughpad”


Payload-Mount for attaching a PhaseOne iXM-100 alone or in combination with the Riegl miniVUX